Jesse Smith Butchers

As part of our ethos if doing the best for our livestock from field to fork we visited a number of local butchers and were very pleased to find Jesse Smith Butchers in Cirencester.

"Established in the heart of the Cotswolds in 1808 and built on the foundations of impeccable quality & exceptional service. We continue to push our simple philosophy of value, respect and natural farming to create outstanding flavour."

Jesse Smith is a family owned company that combines an award winning butchers with a farm shop, deli and coffee house on the outskirts of Cirencester along with butchers in central Cirencester, Tetbury, Northleach and Burford.

The beef is hung in the specially designed fridges to age for up to 28 days. We then work with the butchers to agree the best butchery and cuts for the livestock when they come into the shop to get the best out of the meat. Everything is then vacuum packed and frozen to go into our delicious meat boxes.

Himalayan Salt Dry Aging

Our beef is hung traditionally in quarters but when it is broken down the sirloin, rump and ribs of beef our placed in their salt lined dry aging room. This dry aging process featuring a room lined with pink Himalayan salt bricks. This room is specifically set up for the dry aging process allowing our beef to mature slowly at the same time as absorbing the subtle flavours of the salt resulting in beef that is tender, deep with flavor and absolutely delicious.

The therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt has long been known, but it is only a recently that it has started to be used to aid the ageing of meat. The wall in the dry ageing chamber consists of over 100 Himalayan salt blocks. Each of the bricks has been hand cut resulting in a beautiful semi-transparent marbled wall. There are a number of effects which enhances the flavour of the meat. Firstly the salt bricks help to draw moisture from the surrounding air and meat, the lowered humidity helps inhibit the growth of any unwanted bacteria. The negative ions from the salt then counteract with the positive ions of the meat giving a unique sweet, flavour. The bricks also aid in purifying the air in the chamber and it is noticeable the clean, fresh atmosphere when entering.

There are currently only a handful of butchers in Britain to have a salt wall installed.


Unit 13A,
19 Love Lane,
T: 01285 653352

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