Delicious Meat Boxes

We pride ourselves on producing fantastic meat for you, your family, or your customers to enjoy. Our animals roam outdoors all year round thriving in their natural habitat, and as we choose traditional British breeds that grow slowly, our meat naturally develops a rich, full flavour.

If fantastic taste and high welfare doesn't convince you, the health benefits of beef and lamb are greater when animals are fed totally on grass – their natural food. Omega 3 fatty acids, recognised as essential to good physical and mental health, are higher in meat fed from grass and the levels of the saturated fats linked to heart disease are reduced by a third. Fields of just grass can provide all the nutritional components an animal needs. However, pastures which contain a variety of plant species, including herbs, wildflowers and clovers provide an even better diet – rich in essential vitamins and minerals drawn up from the soil below.

As well as supplying the public directly through our meat box scheme, we are also happy to talk to local restaurants, pubs and other catering establishments who would like to work with local producers. If you are interested in some meat please call Katie on 07718 584615 or get in touch via the contacts page


Family Beef Box - £110 (NEW IN)

This beef box provides approximately 8.5kg of tasty beef in the following cuts:

  • Rump Steaks Pack of two
  • Topside Joint Traditional roasting joint
  • Brisket Joint Slow roasting joint
  • Mince Three 500g bags
  • Braising Steaks Two and Shins Two - Ideal cuts for casseroles and stews
  • Stewing Steak Diced, in two 500g bags
  • Burgers A pack of four

Premium Steak Box - £52 (NEW IN)

This beef box provides the following premium cuts of beef:

  • Fillet Steak Approx 300g, serving 2 people
  • Sirloin Steak Four

Additional joints available on request.

Lamb Box - (NEW IN)

Includes a Shoulder of Lamb (left on the bone), leg of Lamb (tied, and left on the bone), rack of Lamb (French trimmed), loin Chops (four, cut from the loins), mint & Apricot Burgers (four 6oz gluten free burgers made with chump, breast & neck fillet), mince (one 500g pack made with chump, breasts and neck fillet)

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