Pasture fed
beef and lamb

Grazing cows

The cows are currently on Charlton Kings Common on Leckhampton Hill conservation grazing and supporting the species rich reserve.

We are utilizing the latest Nofence virtual fencing technology to help manage the cows and focus their grazing in important areas. The added advantage is the cows are GPS tracked allowing you to see where they currently are and plan your walk accordingly if you want.

If you enable location sharing on your phone for this page the map below will show you all the collared cows within 20km. Use two fingers to zoom in or pan the map to locate the cows.

Our cows are very calm and used to people but please give them a sensible amount of space and make your presence known if you see them. Be aware that they are fenced in with virtual boundaries so may not be able to walk the way you would expect them to. Also, please keep your dogs under tight control so as not to worry the cows as they graze and finally enjoy you visit seeing the cows in their natural habitat.

Please feel free to look around our website to see how we use our livestock to support the environment and graze with nature. If you are interested in purchasing some premium quality meat from our native livestock then have a look in our shop.

Thank you - James and Katie

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